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النخبة المتميزة للتدريب

Secretarial and administrative skills

Training in secretarial and administrative skills is of great importance in improving efficiency, productivity, work organization, communication skills, appointment and meeting management, in addition to the ability to deal with pressure Training in secretarial and administrative skills gives individuals the ability to organize work and achieve efficiency in performance, which contributes to their success as a secretary and better achieving the organization’ goals

Therefore, Elite Elite Training offers specialized courses in developing secretarial and administrative skills in order to enable trainees to master these skills professionally

Training courses approved by the General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training

Course: Writing administrative reports and archiving files

Accreditation number: 599335526

السكرتارية والادارة المكتبية

Course: Administrative Assistant and Team Building

Accreditation number: 599346622

السكرتارية والادارة المكتبية

Course: Secretarial and office management

Accreditation number:  599318721

السكرتارية والادارة المكتبية
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