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General FAQs about Elite Training Services

Is Elite Training Services an accredited center by the General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training

Yes, Elite Training Services is an accredited center by the General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training with a license number   224599345771812   And from the National Center for E-Learning with license number 2000067431024063   

   Does Elite Training Services provide professional certificates

Yes, the Elite Training Services is directly accredited by several bodies as follows

   British Institute of Supply Chain Management (IoSCM) No.: 231MENA_EC

   The Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply is an accredited CIPS training and testing center with number: 005792780

    European Institute for Procurement Management (EIPM).

    The center also offers a number of different professional certificates in cooperation with its strategic partners to obtain various professional certificates such as ASCM and others.

Has the center been dealt with by different parties  (Governmental and private)

Yes, and you can find out the qualification information by officially requesting the information from the center through the following

How can I register for a training course

Registration via the website: Choose the course you would like to register for, click the “Register” button in the course content, then complete the form and submit all the required details.

Registration via email: Send your details to the email address

Registration via phone: Call the following numbers to make a temporary reservation for the course you wish to enroll in.

For short training programs and professional certification from the British Institute of Supply Chain Management     0551998801

For the professional certificate from the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply:  0550737695

For professional certification From strategic partners and workshops: 0507210800

How can I pay the fees 

Elite Training Services provides various payment methods, such as direct bank transfer, direct online payment, or various installment services. As for companies, you can contact us to complete employee registration procedures

Will I get a special discount when registering repeatedly for training courses and professional certificates

Elite Training Services offers discounts under specific frameworks and strategies on national occasions and celebrations, and discounts for strategic partners such as the Saudi Supply Chain and Procurement Association 

 Are there any privileges for Elite Training Services members

Yes, there are privileges for trainees who obtain professional certificates through the Distinguished Elite Training, as well as for distinguished members of Elite Training Services. 

Does Elite Training Services provide training services only

Short courses approved by the General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training

What is the number of training courses approved by the General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training 

Elite Training Services offers many specialized training courses in the field of procurement and supply chains as the center’s main specialty area, in addition to various business development fields such as management, senior management, marketing, law, human resources, marketing and sales, engineering and buildings, finance, technology, and artificial intelligence 

How do I know that the course is accredited by the General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training 

Each training course accredited by the Elite Training Services has an accreditation number from the General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training. This is explained in the announcement of the training course, and the course information and type of certificate are clarified. You can confirm this by contacting us via the following number: 0551998801

Are there specific requirements for registration in training courses approved by the General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training

Yes, citizens and residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia wishing to train and obtain a certificate accredited by the General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training must provide the center with the following information: (name - ID number - nationality - email - mobile number - academic qualification), and must be verified beforehand. The applicant for the course must ensure that all information is correct.

How do I obtain an accredited certificate from the General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training through the Manar platform

You can obtain your electronic copy of the courses approved by the General Corporation for Technical and Vocational Training from the Manar platform, and you can follow the following steps:

Firstly: Access the Manar platform of the General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training via the following

secondly: Click on the Create Account button

Third: Completely fill out personal data

FourthlyEnter the email address registered with the centre

Fifth: Click on the three dots at the top of the page, then click on your name, and then you will find the courses that you have registered for.

For further clarification, you can visit the following link:

I encountered a problem while trying to access the Manar platform. What is the solution

If you have inquiries related to the Manar platform, you can contact the customer service of the platform itself and not the training centerfrom here.

I want to correct some information in the certificate, how can I do that

To correct errors in the certificate or account, which include the following information: (name - ID number - nationality - email - mobile number - academic qualification) you must contact us via the following

What is the minimum and maximum number of participants for each training course

The minimum number of trainees for which the in-person training course will be held is 5 trainees, and the maximum number of trainees is 25 trainees. The trainees will be automatically transferred to the next scheduled appointment if the number is not complete or the number exceeds the available limit. The trainees will be notified of this, in order to achieve the required quality, efficiency and effectiveness of the training.

What are the start and end times for general training courses? How many hours of training per day in the course

Elite Training Services is concerned with qualitative training and providing high quality training. Therefore, the number of hours and course times depend on the scientific material for each course and the method of presenting it. 

General courses for individuals are evening courses, and the training days and number of hours vary between training courses, and all this information is explained in a poster, information, and training course file. 

 What is the methodology used in providing training programs at Elite Training Services

We focus on having our training experts have extensive experience in the field, and the trainers use different training methods, techniques and methods, and these different methods are used accordingly to provide courses that enhance the interaction of individuals and groups to obtain the maximum benefit from the trainees’ learning experience.

Does Elite Training Services provide internal courses for companies and entities

Internal training programs in companies and government agencies

Yes, the Elite Training Services has good experience in this field with several governmental and private agencies, and we seek to meet the needs of institutions and companies, as the distinguished elite seeks to develop the work of the agencies by empowering the trainees with the skills according to their actual needs, and we provide training programs in English and Arabic. 

Does Elite Training Services provide consultations to analyze training needs 

Yes, Elite Training Services provides the training needs analysis service for employees in companies and various entities through skilled training experts who use several skills to analyze the needs through questionnaires, interviews, studying the organizational structure, job descriptions, and other various methods.  

How does Elite Training Services design training programs according to customer needs 

The training programs are designed as steps for a paid consulting program agreed upon by the client with the center. One of the training experts or business development specialists communicates with the client to accommodate the clients’ requirements to obtain more details. After exchanging the necessary information, we will work on designing the request. The clients will be contacted to determine the timing and location of providing the training courses. Internal organization.

Is there a flexible schedule for the timing of internal training courses

General courses are held according to the schedules announced by the center. As for courses directed to clients according to the quorum of the minimum number of trainees, dates and times are coordinated according to the needs of the clients

1. What are the professional certificates offered by the Elite Training Services?

Professional certificates

The center offers the following professional certificates:

Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS)

The Elite Distinguished Training Center has been accredited as a training center and testing center in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the classes for these courses are offered either in person or remotely. To learn more about CIPS programs, please contact the center or visit the website.

Institute of Supply Chain Management (IOSCM)

The center has been accredited by the British Institute of Supply Chain Management (IOSCM) as an accredited institute to provide all programs for the British Institute in the Middle East region. The center was exclusively accredited to provide the second level of the tracks (procurement, warehouses, supply chains, and transportation and logistics services) in the Arabic language. Courses, tests and projects for the second level are presented in the Arabic language. To learn more about IOSCM programs, please contact the center or visit the website.

Association of Supply Chain Management (ASCM)

The Center offers CSCP certification and other certifications from the awarding body ASCM through a partnership with a third party. To learn more about ASCM CSCP programs   Or other certificates, please contact the center or visit the website.

Are there special discounts for strategic partner members

Yes, Elite Training Services specializes in providing training services to individuals and companies, and training needs analysis services in various sectors and bridging the gap to achieve the goals of organizations and establishments. The other branch of ECS (Elite Consultation Services) provides consulting services, conferences, in-person workshops and exhibitions, and you can visit Website through the following link: 

Yes. As strategic partners, the Elite Training Services offers special discounts on some short courses and workshops for members of strategic partners, such as members of the Supply Chain and Procurement Association who hold valid memberships.

Does the Elite Distinguished Training Center have consulting programs to design training programs for entities and companies and design a short-term and long-term training plan

Yes. The center has a consulting program that is used to prepare future plans to develop and train employees in agencies and companies. This program is designed to help and support human resources management in government agencies and private sector companies in identifying appropriate training courses for each department or employee in the agency/company. 

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