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Training courses approved by the General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training

Course: Establishing cases and pleading in courts

Accreditation number: 599318721

القضايا والترافع بالمحاكم

Cases and pleading with the courts

Training on issues and litigation in courts is considered an important part of developing the skills of lawyers and anyone working in the field of law. Training in this area enables trainees to learn and develop the necessary legal skills. This includes understanding legal procedures, analyzing legal documents and evidence, presenting arguments and legal reasoning, and drafting legal documents. Litigating in court is also an experience that requires strong communication skills and the ability to deliver effective presentations. Participants learn how to effectively communicate with judges, other lawyers, witnesses, and clients, as well as confidently present arguments and pleadings. Training helps in understanding judicial procedures and the processes followed in courts. Participants learn about filing lawsuits and pleadings, preparing legal documents, summoning witnesses, handling evidence, and listening to judicial decisions, in addition to developing the necessary strategic skills for dealing with legal cases. Participants learn how to comprehensively analyze cases, develop strong defense or prosecution strategies, and effectively evaluate and use evidence.

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