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Training courses approved by the General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training

Course: The Art of Public Speaking in Influencing and Persuading

Accreditation number: 59933843


Course: Acceptable and unacceptable behaviors in the work environment

Accreditation number: 59933843


Soft skills

Soft skills training is important in the current era, as organizations and employers have an increasing interest in developing these skills in employees. The importance of soft skills training is highlighted through:

Promoting effective communication. Soft skills training includes improving communication skills, including effective listening and expressing clearly. As developing these skills, improving these skills can improve interactions between colleagues, clients, and other work participants, and develop leadership capabilities, as soft skills training can help develop leadership and management capabilities. This includes enhancing leadership skills such as motivating, inspiring and empowering others. Enhance teamwork, enhance problem-solving capabilities, and enhance adaptability

Distinguished Elite Training provides soft skills training, which plays a crucial role in developing personal and professional capabilities. This training can contribute to enhancing communication, leadership, teamwork, problem solving, and adapting to changes. If you want to advance your success in work and personal life, soft skills training is a valuable and necessary investment

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