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Management, leadership and strategic planning

The ability to plan well and develop an effective strategy is well known in corporate circles. When the institution is able to do this, it can answer the following questions: What is the current position of the institution?  Where are you looking to reach in the future? How can it best achieve this? Therefore, all types of organizations, whether private or public, that evaluate these questions on an ongoing basis, are able to  Value to stakeholders and maintain that value as well.


Distinguished Elite Training offers courses in planning and strategy that help participants think strategically and develop effective plans that help them achieve their desired goals. These courses also include the strategy implementation phase by focusing on effective monitoring, performance management and innovation. These courses aim to provide participants with a comprehensive vision on this important topic, by exploring traditional and contemporary schools of thought and contributing to the ongoing debate with the aim of providing participants with the necessary knowledge and skills in the field of planning and strategy.

Training courses approved by the General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training

Course: Modern Management Technology

Accreditation number: 599337241

Modern management technology

Course: Total Quality Management and Institutional Development

Accreditation number: 59933843

Leadership and management

Course: Strategic Planning and Change Management

Accreditation number: 599385880

Strategic Planning

Course: Public Relations Management

Accreditation number: 59935221

Solving administrative problems

Course: Solving administrative problems and developing the work environment

Accreditation number: 599399514

Leadership and management

Course: Professional Project Management

Accreditation number: 599338115

Problem Solving
Building thought leadership

Course: Building leadership thought

Accreditation number: 599386516

Administrative leadership and team building

Course: Administrative leadership and building work teams

Accreditation number: 599386516

Course: Smart management and job performance development

Accreditation number: 599386516

Problem Solving
Problem solving skills

Course: Preparation to pass the Project Management Examination (PMP) exam 

Accreditation number: 599386516

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