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Training courses approved by the General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training:

Course: The Art of Marketing and Sales

Accreditation number: 599362530

The art of marketing and sales

Course: Study the economic feasibility of projects

Accreditation number: 599374436

Economic feasibility study

Course: E-marketing and content creation

Accreditation number: 599362846

sales and marketing

sales and marketing

Marketing and sales training courses are of great importance in the world of business and commerce. As it works to develop skills and knowledge, the field of marketing and sales is one of the most changing and developing fields in the business world. Trends and technology change rapidly, and new strategies emerge for communicating with customers and marketing products and services. Through training courses, you can follow these developments and learn the latest tools and techniques in digital marketing, social media marketing, marketing analytics, network marketing, and other areas related to marketing and sales.

Therefore, Distinguished Elite provides professional training on marketing and sales, which enhances the level of skills and knowledge in this field, and helps achieve the success of your business by developing effective strategies, improving performance, and increasing sales.

Course: Developing a Customer Service Employee

Accreditation number: 59937317


Course: E-commerce

Accreditation number: 599368868

Developing a customer service employee
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