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Training courses approved by the General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training

Course: Human Resources Management

Accreditation number: 599338520

الموارد البشرية

Course: Smart management of human resources

Accreditation number: 599334735

الموارد البشرية

Course: Personnel Management and Administrative Development

Accreditation number: 599348424

الموارد البشرية
النخبة المتميزة للتدريب

 Human resources and personnel management

The Human Resources (HR) department is one of the crucial departments in any organization or company, as it carries out many important tasks and functions related to managing and developing employees in the organization. Given its vital role, the importance of training for the HR department cannot be ignored.

Therefore, the distinguished elite provides professional training to the human resources department because it helps in developing skills and knowledge, keeping pace with changes and innovation, improving the overall performance of the organization, enhancing employee satisfaction, managing change and continuous improvement. By investing in training, the HR department can become a strategic element that contributes to the organization's success and achieving its goals.

Course: Skills of Employment and Training Specialist

Accreditation number: 599381569

الموارد البشرية

Course: Training of Trainers Skills and Preparing Bags

Accreditation number: 599396233

الموارد البشرية
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