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Academic Integrity Charter

Academic integrity is considered one of the duties that everyone must adhere to, and it is expected of all visitors to the Elite Distinguished Training Center website. Academic values are based on the concept of honesty, honesty, perseverance, and respect for the intellectual efforts of the individual and society. All members of the Distinguished Elite Training Site, including male and female trainers and trainees of both genders, must adhere to this responsibility and promote this value. The Elite Distinguished Training Center stands steadfast in the face of anyone who attempts to cheat, forgery, or any violation of the rights of academic integrity in electronic training.

Provisions of the Academic Integrity Charter for the Distinguished Elite for Training


1. Commitment to Islamic values, including honesty and honesty, and staying away from anything that contradicts Islamic law.

2. Commitment to respecting national customs and traditions and staying away from everything that contradicts them.

3. Review the instructions for electronic training and ensure knowledge acquisition with all sincerity, honesty and sincerity.

4. Ensure that you personally attend electronic courses to achieve the knowledge required to achieve the primary goal of the training, which is to raise the trainee’s cognitive level.

5. Review the system for combating cybercrimes in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia issued by Council of Ministers Resolution No. 79 dated 3/7/1428 AH and approved by Royal Decree No. M/18 dated 3/8/1428 AH and understand the penalties related to cybercrimes or violations. digital.

6. Exercising scientific honesty and academic integrity in electronic training.

7. Ensure the use of high-quality tablets to achieve the goal of electronic training.

8. Do not use public networks to attend electronic courses because of their risk to information security and device penetration.

9. It is recommended to use high-speed terrestrial Internet networks while attending training courses.


Procedures and penalties for reporting academic integrity violations at the Sahim Training Center:


1. Notifying the violating trainee of fear so that his situation can be quickly corrected.

2. Depriving the trainee who persists in academic probation violations from training opportunities at the center.

3. Notifying the competent authorities of the wrong behavior of the trainee who violates it for the third time (National Center for E-Learning + General Corporation for Technical and Vocational Training) to take what they deem appropriate against the violator.

4. Not granting the trainee who is found to have violated electronic training a certificate of attendance for the course, and not sending it to the Manar Training platform according to a report prepared by the center regarding this.

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