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Trainer Maher Al-Sawayegh

Mr. Maher Al-Sawayegh

Procurement consultant and trainer
Academic qualifications

A trainer and consultant specializing in supply chains and logistics. He has presented many workshops at both National Guard hospitals/Armed Forces and private companies inside Saudi Arabia in all its departments. He has 19 years of experience in supply chains. He is a consultant for Pharma Med Pharmaceuticals Company based in Miami, United States. American

Training specializations
Professor Maher Al-Suwaigh specializes in providing specialized training programs in the field of medical procurement and purchasing, and in the field of supply chains, as he offers short courses and training programs in this field.

He holds the CISCM / CISCP Certified Professional Certificate

✓ Holds the CISCC International Consulting Certificate

✓ He has extensive practical experience in the field of medical procurement

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