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Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Dalaan

Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Dalaan

CEO of Elite Training Services
Academic qualifications
Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Dalaan is the CEO of  Elite Training Services. He is one of the leaders who has practiced leadership in local and global environments, and has more than 33 years of experience in the field of procurement, shared services, supply chain management, materials management, quality management, projects, transformation, human resources, public services, and training.  ;
Proficient in organizational skills, able to organize complex work environments, develop human resources and accumulated experience in cost optimization and profit margin improvement.
He possesses several certificates and qualifications, including the
Organization and location      _____________      Certificate name
Certified Purchasing Manager - Certification
The Saudi Oxford Advanced Management and Leadership Program
High Performance Leadership (HPL)
Finance For Executives (FFE)
Management & Leadership (the 21st Century)
University of Oxford (UK)
IMD - Switzerland
Harvard University -USA
*Over 100 training courses, conferences and workshops attended over the past 30 years
CEO from April 2016 until now for Distinguished Elite Training and Consulting
Elite Consulting and Training Services (ECS) is a group of professionals with expertise in procurement, supply chain management, ISO standards, quality and risk management.
Vice President - SABIC - Shared Services - Global Procurement May 2010 to March 2016
Lead and create SABIC's global procurement strategies, driving cost-effective and best-in-class global procurement processes, to create value by optimizing overall procurement cost and materials management. Total number of employees 1,100 employees, with an annual expenditure of more than 55 billion Saudi riyals, including supply chain expertise (minerals)
General Manager - SABIC - Shared Services - Employee Services (Human Resources Services) - November 2009 to April 2010:
Leads to serving more than 30,000 employees (direct and contractor)

General Manager - SABIC - Shared Services - Supply Management August 2008 to October 2009

Lead the enhancement and development of company-wide procurement strategies.

General Manager - SABIC - Shared Services - General Services May 2006 to July 2008
Lead the planning and implementation of facilities management, administrative and support services across SABIC, standardize services, establish global public service contracts, and ensure customer satisfaction with the objectives of delivering best-in-class, cost-effective services. SABIC business objectives

SABIC Services Company Limited (SSL) - General Manager - Supplier Management May 1998 to April 2006

Provide leadership to the supplier management function. Responsibilities include creating strategic agreements that maximize companies' opportunities to leverage SABIC's purchasing power. It is expected to create appropriate and effective relationships with SABIC's suppliers and streamline procurement processes related to the strategic agreement.

Training specializations 
At Elite Distinguished Training, the role of Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Dalaan is focused on strategic planning, continuous development, and measuring performance. He also focuses strongly on building strategic relationships, motivating the team, and raising the quality of performance and professional excellence. As a leader of the organization, Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Dalaan has a strong imprint on every aspect of the entity.
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